EnableAutoConfig Property
Indicates whether UFT One configures the log framework (via its log configuration file) at the beginning of every run session.
Property type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property EnableAutoConfig As Boolean

LogTracking properties can be set only before a run session begins. Therefore, if you use this automation property within a UFT One test or component, you can only retrieve the value.

Prerequisites for this property:
  • All logging prerequisites must be met, for example, you may need to set registry values that are specific to your application.
  • The log framework's configuration file must be writable and in a location that UFT One can access.
  • Your application's log framework must be configured to use the same file you specify in the ConfigFile property.
  • Your application's log framework must be able to monitor changes in the configuration file. If not, then you must make sure that your application always starts after the run session begins so that UFT One can modify the configuration file. For details on starting your application, see the SystemUtil.Run topic in the UFT One Object Model Reference. You can also use any standard VB Script command that starts an application.
  • Note: If your application's log framework monitors your configuration file infrequently (for example, once per minute), make sure that your application starts immediately after the run session begins. This enables UFT One to modify the configuration file in time to receive the log messages generated during the run session.
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