ObjectIdentification Object
A collection that represents the Object Identification dialog box, which enables you to configure the properties that UFT One learns for each test object class.
Object Model
ObjectIdentification ObjectTestObjectClassIdentification ObjectAdditionalIdentificationProperties ObjectAvailableProperties ObjectMainIdentificationProperties ObjectTestObjectClassIdentification ObjectMainIdentificationProperties ObjectAdditionalIdentificationProperties Object

This object enables you to access and configure object identification and smart identification properties for all test objects and user-defined objects contained in the Object Identification dialog box.  However, you cannot add new user-defined objects from your automation script.  To add a new user-defined object, click the User-Defined button in the Object Identification dialog box.

Tip: You can click the Generate Script button in the Object Identification dialog box to automatically generate an automation script containing the object identification settings currently contained in the dialog box. 

Public Methods
Public Method ResetAllResets the object identification configurations of all object classes in the currently loaded environments to the UFT One defaults.
Public Properties
Public Property Item

The object is returned in the form of a TestObjectClassIdentification object.