RunSettings Object
Represents the Run pane of the Test Settings dialog box, which enables you to set the values of the run settings.
Tip: You can click the Generate Script button in the General pane of the Test Settings dialog box to automatically generate an automation script containing the current global testing options, including those represented by the RunSettings object.
Public Properties
Public Property DisableSmartIdentificationIndicates whether to turn off the smart identification mechanism during the test run.
Public Property EndIterationThe number of the last data table row to use during the test run.
Public Property IterationModeThe Data pane iterations mode.
Public Property ObjectSyncTimeOutThe maximum time (in milliseconds) that UFT One waits for an object to load before running a test step.
Public Property OnErrorThe selected method for handling errors during the test run.
Public Property StartIterationThe number of the first data table row to use during the test run.