SAPLauncher Object
Represents the SAP tab of the Record and Run Settings dialog box, which enables you to specify which SAP session to open (if any) when a record or run session begins.
The SAPLauncher properties apply only to testing SAP GUI for Windows applications, not Web-based SAP applications.
Public Properties
Public Property ActiveIndicates whether to record and run on any open SAP session (False) or to open a specified session (True) when a record or run session begins.
Public Property AutoLogonIndicates whether UFT One automatically logs on to the SAP server.
Public Property ClientThe code for the SAP client.
Public Property CloseOnExitIndicates whether UFT One closes the SAP session that was opened by the SAPLauncher when the test closes.
Public Property IgnoreExistingSessionsIndicates whether UFT One ignores SAP GUI sessions that were open prior to the record and run session.
Public Property LanguageThe two-letter code for language to use in the SAP logon screen.
Public Property PasswordThe encrypted SAP logon password.
Public Property RememberPasswordIndicates whether to save the logon password for use in future test runs.
Public Property ServerThe SAP server to which you want to connect.
Public Property UserThe SAP logon user name.