SAPOptions Object
Represents the GUI Testing tab > SAP node > General pane of the Options dialog box, which enables you to to configure how UFT One records and runs steps on SAP applications.
These options apply only to SAP GUI for Windows applications. They have no effect on any SAP Web applications.
Public Properties
Public Property AutoParameterizeTablesRecords a single Input statement and creates a data sheet containing the data for all cells that are set during a single server correspondence, enabling easy parameterization of cell values.
Public Property RecordResetMethodIndicates whether UFT One records a Reset method on sessions opened using the SAP Auto-logon option.
Public Property RecordStatusBarIndicates whether UFT One records a step and captures the corresponding Active Screen every time the status bar displays a message.
Public Property SessionCleanupIndicates whether to close all SAP sessions opened by the test or component when the test or component closes.
Public Property ShowDisabledConnectionWarningsIndicates whether UFT One shows a warning message each time the SAP GUI Scripting Interface is disabled.
Public Property ShowLowSpeedWarningsIndicates whether UFT One shows a warning message each time the SAP GUI Server connection speed is low.
Public Property UseSapGuiScriptingForHTMLIndicates whether UFT One records HTML elements using the SAPGui Scripting Interface.