Instruct UFT to Capture Movie Segments of Each Error and Warning
Source code
'This example opens UFT, configures UFT to record movies of tests with errors or warnings using
'options to minimize the file size, and then runs a test.
'-There is no unsaved test currently open in UFT. For more information,
'see the example for the Test.SaveAs method.
'-When UFT opens, it loads the add-ins required for the test. For more information,
'see the example for the Test.GetAssociatedAddins method.

Dim qtApp 'As QuickTest.Application ' Declare the Application object variable
Dim qtTest 'As QuickTest.Test ' Declare a Test object variable
Dim qtMovieOpts 'As QuickTest.ScreenRecorderOptions ' Declare a Run Results Options object variable
Dim qtResultsOpt 'As QuickTest.RunResultsOptions ' Declare a Run Results Options object variable

Set qtApp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") ' Create the Application object
qtApp.Launch ' Start UFT
qtApp.Visible = True ' Make the UFT application visible

' Set UFT movie options
qtApp.Options.Run.MovieCaptureForTestResults = "OnWarning" 'Set UFT to capture movie segments of each error and warning
qtApp.Options.Run.SaveMovieOfEntireRun = "FALSE" 'Save only the movie segements that lead up to an error or warning
qtApp.Options.Run.MovieSegmentSize = "4000" 'Set each movie segment to be a maximum of 4MB.

Set qtMovieOpts = qtApp.Options.Run.ScreenRecorder ' Create a Screen Recorder Options object

'Set movie recording preferences to minimize the movie file size
qtMovieOpts.DeactivateShowWindowContents = True
qtMovieOpts.RecordSound = False
qtMovieOpts.SetPlainWallpaper = True

qtApp.Open "C:\Tests\Test1", True ' Open a test in read-only mode

' set run settings for the test
Set qtTest = qtApp.Test
qtTest.Settings.Run.IterationMode = "oneIteration" ' Run one iteration of the test
qtTest.Settings.Run.OnError = "NextStep" ' Instruct UFT to perform next step when an error occurs

Set qtResultsOpt = CreateObject("QuickTest.RunResultsOptions") ' Create the Run Results Options object
qtResultsOpt.ResultsLocation = "C:\Tests\Test1\Res1" ' Set the results location

qtTest.Run qtResultsOpt ' Run the test and record a movie of the run.

qtTest.Close ' Close the test

Set qtResultsOpt = Nothing ' Release the Run Results Options object
Set qtTest = Nothing ' Release the Test object
Set qtApp = Nothing ' Release the Application object