qtErrCodes Enumeration
qtErrAlreadyCheckedIn1018The test is already checked in.
qtErrAppBusy1012Cannot save the test or business component because the application is busy.
qtErrBlankTestOnly1022This operation can be performed only on a new, blank test or business component.
qtErrBusyPause1035You cannot pause the run session because the test or component is currently busy.
qtErrCantConnectTD1005Could not connect to ALM.
qtErrChangeRepositoryType1025You cannot change the object repository type for this test or business component.
qtErrDocIsNotBC1030The currently open document is not a business component.
qtErrDocIsNotTest1029The currently open document is not a UFT One test.
qtErrEmptyScript1015Cannot run a test or business component with an empty script.
qtErrFailContinue1037You cannot continue the run session because it is not currently paused.
qtErrFailedLoadRepository1024A general error occurred while loading the object repository file.
qtErrFailedRun1016Failed to run the test or business component.
qtErrFailedStopRun1021Failed to stop the run session.
qtErrFailSetRunMode1038Cannot set the run mode during the run session.
qtErrLaunched1002This operation can be performed only before launch.
qtErrNoBPTSupport1034Your ALM project does not have Business Process Testing support.
qtErrNoObj1007No automation object was found.
qtErrNoPermissions1033You do not have the permissions required for this operation.
qtErrNotAllowedOnReplay1031This operation cannot be performed during a run session.
qtErrNotAllowRemove1010The specified entry cannot be removed.
qtErrNotCheckedOut1019The test was not checked out.
qtErrNoTDConnectionForBC1028To work with a business component, you must first connect to the ALM project in which you want to store it.
qtErrNotLaunched1001The application is not currently launched.
qtErrNoUpdateMode1014You must specify at least one update mode option.
qtErrObsolete1032This operation is obsolete.
qtErrOpenFailed1006Could not open the test or business component.
qtErrOtherCheckedOut1020The test was checked out by another user.
qtErrOutOfRange1008The specified collection entry is not valid.
qtErrPathNotFound1009The specified path was not found.
qtErrPathNotValid1023The specified path is not valid.
qtErrPauseRun1036Failed to pause the run session.
qtErrSaveFail1013Failed to save the test or business component.
qtErrTDNotConnected1003The required connection to ALM was not established.
qtErrTDOtherConnect1004Cannot connect to the specified ALM project before disconnecting the existing connection.
qtErrTestNotFound1027The test or business component was not found.
qtErrTSRNotSupported1026This product does not support shared object repositories.
qtErrUseSaveAs1011Must use SaveAs() and not Save() for new tests and business components.
qtErrVCNotSupported1017Version control is not supported.