Find Method


Finds the position of the specified library file.


Visual Basic
Public Function Find( _
   ByVal LibraryPath As String _
) As Long



The file system or ALM path of the function library file you want to find.

The ALM path is the location of the file in ALM. For example:

[ALM\Resources] Resources\Libraries\Library1.qfl (for a file stored in the Test Resources module) or [ALM] Subject\qtp95\Library1.qfl (for a file stored as an attachment.)

Return Type

The Find method returns -1 if the specified library path is not found.


In previous QuickTest versions, the LibraryPath argument for ALM paths was specified using an ALM virtual path, such as:

This format is no longer supported.  If you used this format in previous automation scripts, you should change your scripts to reflect the new format, as described in the Syntax Details section.


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