UpdateRun Method
Runs the test or business component in update mode.
Visual Basic
Public Sub UpdateRun( _
   Optional ByVal UpdateOptions As UpdateRunOptions = 0, _
   Optional ByVal ResultsOptions As RunResultsOptions = 0, _
   Optional ByVal WaitOnReturn As Boolean = True, _
   Optional ByVal Parameters As Parameters = 0 _
If no UpdateRunOptions object is specified, then the default property values are used (checkpoints, Active Screen, and test object descriptions are all updated).
If no RunResultsOptions object is specified, the default value for the RunResultsOptions object is used (the results are saved in a unique folder within the test or component's folder).
Indicates whether the Test.UpdateRun statement waits until the end of the of the run before performing the next statement in the automation script.  Default=True.

Note: Set this property to False only if the steps following the Test.UpdateRun statement can be performed even while the test or component is running.

The Parameters collection containing the values you want to pass to the test or component for the update run.
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