Browser Property
The Web browser to open.
Property type
Read-write property
Visual Basic
Public Property Browser As String
Return Type
  • IE--Any supported version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.        
  • IE64--Any supported 64-bit version of Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • CHROME--Any supported version of Google Chrome.
  • FIREFOX--The latest version of Mozilla Firefox that is both installed on the computer and supported by UFT.
  • FF<VersionNumber>--The specified version of Mozilla Firefox. For example: FF36 (version 3.6), FF40 (version 4.0), FF140 (version 14.0)
  • EDGE - the installed version of Microsoft Edge
  • CHROME_EMULATOR-- Chrome in emulated mode
  • PHANTOMJS-- the locally installed version of the PhantomJS toolkit.    
  • CHROME_HEADLESS-- Headless Chrome

This method does not support the Safari browser. To connect to a remote Mac during a test run and open the Safari browser, use the RemoteConnection utility object and its methods. For details, see the Utility Objects section of the UFTObject Model ReferenceforGUITesting.

For more information on supported browser versions, see the Unified Functional Testing Product Availability Matrix.


To open a specific version of Mozilla Firefox that is supported by UFT but not listed in the Possible Values section, do not use this property. Instead, set the test's BROWSER_ENV environment variable to FF<VersionNumber>, for example FF40 (without a period). To do this, use the Environments pane in the Test Settings dialog box. For more details, see the  Unified Functional Testing User Guide.

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