Generating Random Strings

The following function generates random data using a format string that you can customize. The following example can be found in the RandomString.vbs file located in the <UFT One installation folder>\CodeSamplesPlus folder.

' VBScript source code
Randomize (timer)

’ Declaration of all formats
’ Note that a token contained within a second token (e.g. yy to yyyy) must be placed AFTER the containing token (yyyy must precede yy)
FormatArray = Array("#", "DAY", "MONTH", "dd", "mm", "yyyy", "yy", "NAME", "COLOR", "CAR")

’ Definition of formats not appearing as a Case in GetRandStrForToken
Dim		ValuesArray
		ValuesArray = _
			Array("DAY", "Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat"),_
			Array("MONTH", "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"),_
			Array("COLOR", "Red", "Yellow", "Blue", "Green"),_
			Array("NAME", "Hilik", "Oren", "Shoshi", "Ilan"),_
			Array("CAR", "Ford", "Toyota", "Lexus", "Mazda")_

’ Generate a random value for a specific token
Function GetRandStrForToken(sToken)
	Select Case sToken
		Case "#"' Single digit
			GetRandStrForToken = CStr(Int(Rnd*10))
		Case "dd"' May (numeric)
			GetRandStrForToken = CStr (Int(Rnd*31 + 1))
		Case "mm"' Month (numeric)
			GetRandStrForToken = CStr (Int(Rnd*12 + 1))
		Case "yy"' Two digit Year
			GetRandStrForToken = CStr(Int(Rnd*10)) + CStr(Int(Rnd*10))
		Case "yyyy"' Four digit Year
			GetRandStrForToken = CStr (1950 + Int(Rnd * 100))
		Case Else ' Pick from the Values Array for other formats
			For i = 0 to UBound(ValuesArray)
				If sToken = ValuesArray(i)(0) Then
					GetRandStrForToken = ValuesArray(i)( 1 + Int( rnd*(UBound(ValuesArray(i))) ) )
					Exit For
				End If
	End Select
End Function

’ Parse the current token (if any)
Function GetNextToken (ByRef sFormat)
	For each sToken in FormatArray
		sTemp = Mid(sFormat, 1, Len(sToken))
		If sTemp = sToken Then
			GetNextToken = sToken
			sFormat = Mid(sFormat, Len(sToken) + 1)
			Exit Function
		End If
End Function

’ Generate random data given a format
Function GenerateRandData(ByVal Format)

	Dim nPos
	Dim nLength

	nLength = Len(Format)

	While nLength > 0

		’ Anything inside a [] brackets is copied as is
		If Mid(Format, 1, 1) = "[" Then ' Find the closing brackets
			nPos = InStr(1, Format, "]", vbTextCompare)
			If nPos = 0 Then Exit Function

			GenerateRandData = GenerateRandData + Mid(Format, 2, nPos - 2)
			Format = Mid(Format, nPos + 1)
			nLength = Len(Format)
			’ Search for a valid token
			sToken = GetNextToken(Format)
			If Not sToken = "" Then
				GenerateRandData = GenerateRandData + GetRandStrForToken(sToken)
				nLength = Len(Format)
			Else ' No token - just copy the current character
				GenerateRandData = GenerateRandData + Mid(Format,1, 1)
				If nLength = 1 Then
					Exit Function
				End If
				Format = Mid(Format, 2)
				nLength = Len(Format)
			End If
		End If
End Function

’ Usage
msgbox GenerateRandData ("Today Is the first DAY in MONTH")
msgbox GenerateRandData ("A Date in the format [dd/mm/yyyy] dd/mm/yyyy")
msgbox GenerateRandData ("My name is NAME, I drive a COLOR CAR. you can reach me on +972-54-###-####")