Adding Defects to Quality Center

Connects to Quality Center from a UFT test and adds a bug to the database. The following example can be found in the AddDefectToQC.vbs file located in the <UFT installation folder>\CodeSamplesPlus folder.

Dim TDConnection
Set TDConnection = CreateObject("TDApiOle.TDConnection")

TDConnection.InitConnection "http://yovav/tdbin" ' URL for the DB
TDConnection.ConnectProject "TD76","bella","pino" ' Valid login information

If TDConnection.Connected Then
	MsgBox("Connected to " + chr (13) + "Server " + TDConnection.ServerName _
	+ chr (13) +"Project " + TDConnection.ProjectName )
	MsgBox("Not Connected")
End If

'Get the IBugFactory
Set BugFactory = TDConnection.BugFactory

'Add a new empty bug
Set Bug = BugFactory.AddItem (Nothing)

'Fill the bug with relevant parameters
Bug.Status = "New"
Bug.Summary = "Connecting to TD"
Bug.Priority = "4-Very High" ' depends on the DB
Bug.AssignedTo = "admin" ' user that must exist in the DB's users list
Bug.DetectedBy = "admin" ' user that must exist in the DB's users list

'Post the bug to database (commit)