Getting Standard Text

The code below shows how you can get the text from any standard object without using text recognition.

Standard Examples

'Get text from a ListView - report style (for example, Windows Explorer)
msgbox Window("C:\Program Files\Micro Focus").WinListView("SysListView32").GetSubItem(1,2)

'Get text from a toolbar
msgbox Window("C:\Program Files\Micro Focus").WinToolbar("ToolbarWindow32").GetItem(1)

'Text of a message-box, the Static control is not in the object repository/shared object ' 'repository
set StatObj = Dialog("DlgTB").Dialog("DlgTB").Static("nativeclass:=Static","Index:=1")
msgbox StatObj.GetROProperty("text")

Web Example

' An example for a Web Table (in the Mercury Tours site)
Set Cell = Browser("Welcome: Mercury Tours").Page("Select a Flight: Mercury Tours").WebTable("RETURN").ChildItem(3, 2, "WebElement", 0)
Msgbox Cell.GetROProperty("innertext")

Visual Basic Example

'Retrieving the text of a label in a VB form: (There is no Test Object for a label)
msgbox VbWindow("VBForm1").Object.Controls("Label1").caption

.NET Example

'Get the text of items in a CheckListBox (has no Test Object)

’Get run-time object reference
Set CustList = SwfWindow("Win").SwfObject(ìlst").Object
’Get Items collection
Set ListItems = CustList.get_Items()
’Get Items count
ItemsCount = ListItems.Count
’Loop over all items
For i = 0 to ItemsCount-1
	text = text & ListItems.Item(i)

ActiveX Example

' This example will retrieve the text from the Visual Basic Flight 1A sample application's flight grid
' This retrieves the flight number from the 3rd row.
VbWindow("VbWindow").VbWindow("VbWindow").AcxTable("Grid Control").Object.Row = 3
VbWindow("VbWindow").VbWindow("VbWindow").AcxTable("Grid Control").Object.Col = 0
msgbox VbWindow("VbWindow").VbWindow("VbWindow").AcxTable("Grid Control").Object.Text