AddinName_Type Simple Type


The list of possible values for the AddinName attribute in the TypeInformation element.

Important Information

The value must be one of the strings listed in the XSD source displayed below.


union of string


<xs:simpleType xmlns:xs="" name="AddinName_Type">
    <xs:union memberTypes="xs:string">
            <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
                <xs:enumeration value="ActiveX" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Delphi" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Java" />
                <xs:enumeration value=".NET" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Oracle" />
                <xs:enumeration value="PeopleSoft" />
                <xs:enumeration value="PowerBuilder" />
                <xs:enumeration value="SAP" />
                <xs:enumeration value="SapGui" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Siebel" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Standard" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Stingray" />
                <xs:enumeration value="TEA" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Terminal Emulators" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Visual Basic" />
                <xs:enumeration value="VisualAge Smalltalk" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Web" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Web Services" />
                <xs:enumeration value="Windows Applications" />
                <xs:enumeration value="WPF" />