Debug Property Retrieval dialog box

This dialog box enables you to retrieve the value of a test object's identification property using Extensibility Accelerator, so that you can test and debug the JavaScript function that you wrote to retrieve the values.

To access

Do one of the following:

Important information

Make sure that you select the relevant control in the application before you click Retrieve Value.

Relevant tasks

Test and debug your property retrieval function.

See also

Debug JavaScript functions

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Test object class

The test object class of the property that you want to retrieve.


The property that you want to retrieve.

Property value

The value that your property retrieval implementation function returns. This value is displayed (in read only format) after you click Retrieve Value and the run session is completed.

Select Control

Highlights all of the controls that match the test object class' mapping rules in all open Web applications, and enables you to select the control from which you want to retrieve the property value.

Available when: A Test object class is selected in the dialog box.

Retrieve Value

Retrieves the value of the property from the selected control by running the JavaScript implementation function that you designed, passing the selected property name as the parameter. (The property name is passed in lowercase letters, simulating UFT One's property value retrieval behavior.)

Available when: A control is selected in the application.


Close this dialog box without running the property retrieval function.