Operations Tab (Test Object Class Designer)

This tab enables you to design the operations your test object class supports. You can:

  • Define the list of operations supported by this test object class.

    You can add or remove operations or select base class operations to override.

  • For operations that you add or override, you can edit the method signature and define additional information.

  • Specify the default operation for this test object class (optional).

The information you define in this tab is stored in the XML files in your toolkit support set.

JavaScript function stubs are added to the relevant JavaScript file for each operation that you add or override (unless you use the advanced options to customize the name of the implementation function or file).

Click the Implementation Code button to access the function and implement it to support the operation.

To access

To access the Operations tab:

  1. In the Class View, add a new test object class or double-click an existing one.

    The test object class designer opens.

  2. In the test object class designer, select the Operations tab.

To access the advanced options, click Advanced Options.

Important information
  • You can select an inherited operation as the test object class's default operation.

  • You cannot modify any definitions of an inherited operation.

  • Advanced options are not available for inherited operations.

  • Make sure to visit each tab in the test object class designer to ensure that all of the test object class details are defined correctly.

  • A red asterisk next to the name of the tab acts as a reminder that you have not yet visited this tab.

Relevant tasks

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See also

The section on implementing support for test object methods in the Micro Focus UFT One  Web Add-in Extensibility Developer Guide.

The Operations tab contains the following areas: