Interface WrapperInspector

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public interface WrapperInspector

The WrapperInspector interface defines the method called to check whether a specific object is wrapped.
For example, if checkWrappedObject is called on a javax.swing.JTextField object in a combo box, the method returns the text box's containing javax.swing.JComboBox object.

Method Summary
 java.lang.ObjectcheckWrappedObject(java.lang.Object innerObj)
          Returns the wrapper object for the specified object.

Method Detail


java.lang.Object checkWrappedObject(java.lang.Object innerObj)
Returns the wrapper object for the specified object. This method should be implemented by support classes of wrapper objects and other classes that need to check whether they wrap a specific object. A support class implementing this method generally returns the wrapper object it supports.

innerObj - The object to check.
The compound wrapper object. If not found, returns null.