Custom Class Support Planning Checklist

Custom Class Support Planning Checklist

Does the custom class have a superclass for which UFT One custom support is not yet available?     

If so, should I first extend support for a control higher in the hierarchy?     

Do I have an application that runs the custom control on a computer with UFT One installed?     

The sources for this custom control class are located in:
an Eclipse project called ImageControls

Which existing Java test object matches the custom control?      

If none, create a new Java test object class named:     N/A

  • New test object class extends: (Default—JavaObject)

  • Icon file location (optional):

  • Identification property for description:

  • Default test object method:

Is the custom control a top-level object?     

Is the custom control a wrapper?      

Specify the basis for naming the test object:     
its image file name

List the identification properties to support, and mark default checkpoint properties:

nothing special

List the test object methods to support (include arguments and return values if required):


Provide support for recording? (AWT-based only)      

If so, list the events that should trigger recording: