Understanding the Toolkit Configuration File

Every custom toolkit support set has one toolkit configuration file named <Custom Toolkit Name>.xml, which is stored under the UFT installation folder. This file provides the information that UFT needs to find the classes of the custom toolkit support set.

The toolkit configuration file specifies:

The following example illustrates the configuration file of the javaboutique toolkit support, with one supported custom class—AwtCalc:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     description="Javaboutique toolkit support.">
    <Control Type="org.boutique.toolkit.AwtCalc">

You can validate your toolkit configuration file against: <UFT installation folder>\bin\java\sdk\eclipse\plugins\com.mercury.qtjext.plugin.QTJavaExt_1.0.0\ToolkitSchema.xsd

For information on the structure and syntax of the toolkit configuration file, see the Toolkit Configuration Schema Help.

For information on where to store the toolkit configuration file, see Deploying and Running the Custom Toolkit Support.