Argument Element


The argument definitions for the operation.


DefaultValuestringoptional The default value for this argument.
DirectionstringoptionalInSpecifies whether this argument is an input argument or an output argument.

Possible values:

In - Input argument

Out - Output argument

InOut - Input and output argument

DynamicListOfValuesbooleanoptionalfalseIndicates whether a dynamic list of possible values is displayed for this argument in the Editor when using the statement completion feature. This attribute is currently relevant only for Web Add-in Extensibility.

If this attribute is set to true, an extensibility method must be implemented to return the possible values from the supported object. In addition, the application being tested must be open to the relevant object when the test is edited, for the list of values to be displayed. 

Note: The type of the argument, specified in the VariantType attribute of the Argument\Type element, must match the type of the possible values.

IsMandatorybooleanrequired Specifies whether the argument is mandatory.

Note: If you define optional arguments, they must come after all of the operation's mandatory arguments.

Possible values:

True - Mandatory

False - Optional

NameRestrictedStringrequired The argument name.

For naming rules, see the RestrictedString simple type.


Argument Element (Required, 1 element allowed)Sequence (Required, 1 element allowed)Type Element (Required, 1 element allowed)
AdditionalInfo Element (Optional, up to 1 element(s) allowed)


Used By


<xs:element xmlns:xs="" name="Argument">
        <xs:documentation>The argument definitions for the operation.</xs:documentation>
            <xs:element ref="Type" />
            <xs:element ref="AdditionalInfo" minOccurs="0" />
        <xs:attribute name="Name" type="RestrictedString" use="required">
                <xs:documentation>The argument name.</xs:documentation>
        <xs:attribute name="IsMandatory" type="xs:boolean" use="required">
                <xs:documentation>Specifies whether the argument is mandatory.</xs:documentation>
        <xs:attribute name="DynamicListOfValues" type="xs:boolean" use="optional" default="false">
                <xs:documentation>Specifies whether a dynamic list of possible values for this argument is displayed in UFT One when the test is created or edited.</xs:documentation>
        <xs:attribute name="DefaultValue" type="xs:string" use="optional">
                <xs:documentation>The default value for this argument.</xs:documentation>
        <xs:attribute name="Direction" default="In">
                <xs:documentation>Specifies whether this argument is an input argument or an output argument.</xs:documentation>
                <xs:restriction base="xs:string">
                    <xs:enumeration value="In" />
                    <xs:enumeration value="Out" />
                    <xs:enumeration value="InOut" />