GetTableData Method
Returns the values of the cells in the checkpoint or output value area.
For typical applications, implement this method so that it retrieves the table data of all columns from FirstRow to the LastRow inclusive.
Protected MustOverride Function GetTableData() As System.Object(,)
protected abstract System.object[,] GetTableData()

Return Value

A 2-dimensional, 0-based array of objects. The first index of the returned array represents the row number in the table. The second index represents the column number.

public class DataGridCPSrv : VerificationServerBase
/// <summary>
/// Called by Quick Test to obtain grid content.
/// The following base class properties are used:
/// SourceControl - reference to Grid object
/// FirstRow      - the first (zero-based) row number
/// LastRow       - the last (zero-based) row number
/// </summary>
/// <returns>
/// 2-dimensional array of objects. Each element is equal
/// to the appropriate cell value
/// </returns>  protected override object[,] GetTableData()
    DataGridView GridView = (DataGridView)(base.SourceControl);
    int TotalRows = GridView.Rows.Count;
    int TotalColumns = GridView.Columns.Count;

    int FirstRown = base.FirstRow;
    int LastRown = base.LastRow;
    TotalRows = LastRown - FirstRown + 1;
    object[,] Data = new object[TotalRows, TotalColumns];
    DataGridViewRowCollection Rows = GridView.Rows;
    for (int i = FirstRown; i <= LastRown; i++)
        DataGridViewRow Row = Rows[i];
        DataGridViewCellCollection Cells = Row.Cells;
        for (int k = 0; k < TotalColumns; k++)
            Data[i - FirstRown, k] = Cells[k].Value;

    return Data;