UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility Readme

This page provides information about the UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK.


The UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK enables you to develop custom .NET Windows Forms controls that the .NET Add-in does not support out-of-the-box.

This version of the SDK supports working with UFT One version .

UFT One is backwards compatible, and enables you to run tests and components on custom controls using toolkit support sets developed with QuickTest Professional .NET Add-in Extensibility or earlier versions of UFT .NET Add-in Extensibility.

The SDK supplies a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE that provides wizards and commands to simplify the process of creating custom support.

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Installation and deployment

Install the UFT .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK and develop the toolkit support set for your Java controls on any computer.

After creating custom support, deploy it to UFT One, enabling UFT One to recognize the controls and support the appropriate properties and test object methods.

Note: The UFT One Java Add-in Extensibility SDK is required only for developing the support.

You do not need to install it on each UFT One computer that users the support.

For more details, see Installing the OpenText UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK.

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UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK documentation includes:

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  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • UFT One, version 14.03 or later, with the .NET Add-in installed

Note: UFT One can be installed on the same computer as the SDK, or a different computer.

If you plan to use the same computer, be sure to install the prerequisites before installing the SDK.

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Supported Environments

For a list of the supported versions of software used together with UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility, see the UFT One Support Matrix (PAM).

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Multilingual Support

The UFT .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK is not localized (the Language Pack does not translate them).

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