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OpenText UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility is an SDK (Software Development Kit) package that enables you to support testing applications that use third-party and custom .NET Windows Forms controls that are not supported by default by the UFT One .NET Add-in.

About the UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK

The UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility SDK installation provides the following:

  • An API that enables you to extend the UFT One .NET Add-in to support custom .NET Windows Forms controls.

  • Custom Server C# and Visual Basic project templates for Microsoft Visual Studio.

    Each Custom Server template provides a framework of blank code, some sample code, and the UFT One project references required to build a custom server.

    Note: For a list of supported Microsoft Visual Studio versions, see the UFT One Support Matrix.

  • The wizard that runs when the Custom Server template is selected to create a new project. The wizard simplifies setting up a Microsoft Visual Studio project to create a Custom Server .NET DLL using .NET Add-in Extensibility. For more information, see Using a .NET DLL to Extend Support for a Custom Control.

  • The .NET Add-in Windows Forms Extensibility Help, which includes the following:

    • A developer guide, including a step-by-step tutorial in which you develop support for a sample custom control.

    • An API Reference.

    • The .NET Add-in Extensibility Configuration Schema Help.

    • The .NET Add-in Extensibility Control Definition Schema Help.

    • The UFT One Test Object Schema Help.

  • A sample .NET Add-in Extensibility support set that extends UFT One GUI testing support for the SandBar toolbar custom control.

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About the UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility Developer Guide

This guide includes the following sections:

This guide explains how to set up UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility and use it to extend UFT One GUI testing support for third-party and custom .NET Windows Forms controls.

This guide assumes you are familiar with UFT One functionality and should be used together with the following documentation:

  • UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility API Reference

  • UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility Systems Forms Configuration Schema Help

  • UFT One .NET Add-in Extensibility Control Definition Schema Help

  • UFT One Test Object Schema Help

These documents should also be used in conjunction with the following UFT documentation:

  • UFT One User Guide
  • The .NET section of the UFT One Help Center
  • UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing


The information, examples, and screen captures in this guide focus specifically on working with UFT One GUI tests. However, much of the information in this guide applies equally to business components.

Business components are part of Business Process Testing. For more information, see the UFT One Help Center.

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Who Should Read This Guide

This guide is intended for programmers, QA engineers, systems analysts, system designers, and technical managers who want to extend UFT One GUI testing support for .NET Windows Forms custom controls.

To use this guide, you should be familiar with:

  • Major UFT One features and functionality

  • The UFT One Object Model

  • UFT One .NET Add-in

  • .NET programming in C# or Visual Basic

  • XML (basic knowledge)

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