Recognizing Which Elements of UFT One Support Can Be Customized

The following elements comprise UFT One GUI testing support. By extending the existing support of one or more of these elements, you can develop the support you need to create meaningful and maintainable tests.

Test Object Classes

In UFT One, every object in an application is represented by a test object of a specific test object class. The test object class determines the list of identification properties and test object methods available in UFT One for this test object. You might want to instruct UFT One to use a different test object class to represent your control.

Test Object Methods

The test object class used to represent the .NET Windows Forms control determines the list of test object methods for a test object. However, the same test object method might operate differently for different .NET Windows Forms controls represented by test objects from the same test object class. This happens because depending on the specific type of .NET Windows Forms control, UFT One may have to perform the test object method differently.

Recording Events

One way to create UFT One GUI tests is by recording user operations on the application. When you start a recording session, UFT One listens for events that occur on objects in the application and registers corresponding test steps. The test object class and Custom Server used to represent a .NET Windows Forms control determines which events UFT One can listen for on the .NET Windows Forms control and what test step to record for each event that occurs.