Parameter Element


A value to be passed to the Custom Server at run-time that is needed to implement the custom control.

Important Information

For Custom Servers developed using the XML coding option, this element is mandatory:

Using the Parameter element, pass the full path and file name of the Control Definition XML file, which contains the implementation of the control support. The Name attribute is ConfigPath and the value of the element is the file path name.

Note: If you do not specify a full path, UFT looks for the specified file path under <UFT_One_installdir>\dat\Extensibility\DotNet.

For .NET DLL Custom Servers, this element is optional:

Using the Parameter element, pass information needed for internal use by your Custom Server. You can use these parameters for any purpose appropriate to your application. You may also use a different structure. You are not bound to a collection of Parameter elements. However, if you use a different structure, you must parse it yourself in code, whereas the collection of Parameter elements has straightforward support in the API.


Namestringrequired The name of the parameter.

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