Developing Support for Highlighting Objects

A UFT One user can select an object in the object repository and instruct UFT One to highlight this object in the application being tested. This enables the user to ensure that UFT One associates the test object with the correct object in the application. The application must be open to the correct context so that the object is visible, otherwise the object is not highlighted.

When a UFT One user moves the Object Spy pointer over a test object, UFT One may highlight the test object in the application. This enables the user to visually distinguish between the various test objects in the application.

To highlight an object in the application, UFT One must be able to switch the focus to the application window and locate the specified object in the window. To support this UFT One capability, the Testing Agent must provide a handle to the application window and the screen coordinates for any visible object that UFT One specifies. To do this, implement the GetHWND method in the IHWNDSupplier interface and the GetRectangle method in the IRectangleSupplier interface.

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