Implementing GetTesting Environment

When UFT One creates the Testing Agent, it calls GetTestingEnvironment to retrieve the basic description of the testing environment. You must implement GetTestingEnvironment so that it returns the testing environment information in XML format according to the Testing Environment Schema.

When deploying your Testing Agent with UFT One, you must install a testing environment XML file in the <UFT installation folder>\dat\Extensibility\TEA folder.

To make UFT One Testing Extensibility test object methods and icons available in ALM, for example to work with the test or business component Keyword View or to use the Resource Viewer in ALM, you may also need to install the environment XML file in the <UFT Add-in for ALM installation folder>\dat\Extensibility\TEA folder. You need to do this only if the folder exists, which means that the Add-in for ALM was installed independently from the ALM Add-ins page and not as part of the UFT One installation.

The easiest implementation of GetTestingEnvironment is to read the file and return the contents.