Teaching UFT One to Recognize the Testing Environment

The testing environment is the set of test objects and their properties and methods that UFT One needs to recognize in applications developed in your environment. To support recognizing objects in this testing environment, you must provide UFT One with all of the information that describes the environment.

Your testing environment must have a unique name that distinguishes it from other environments supported by registered Testing Agents. You use this name (also known as the PackageName or environment ID) to register your Testing Agent on the UFT One computer. For more information, see Registering Your Testing Agent.

In addition, you define a display name for your environment (also known as the AddinName). This name is displayed in UFT One, in windows that display a list of add-ins or supported environments.

When UFT One opens, it checks for registered Testing Agents and displays their environment display names in the Add-in Manager. The UFT One user can select an environment, instructing UFT One to create the environment's Testing Agent COM object.

UFT One requests the basic description of the testing environment during the initial handshake with the Testing Agent. To provide this information, you implement the GetTestingEnvironment method in the ITestable interface.

For more information, see: