Developing Support for Accessing Native (Run-Time Object) Properties and Methods

In the testing environment XML, you define the identification properties and test object methods. If you provide the appropriate support in the Testing Agent, UFT recognizes, learns, and records these properties and methods.

If the objects in your environment are COM objects, you can enable UFT to access the native methods and properties of the COM run-time object as well. To support this feature, the Testing Agent must provide UFT with the IDispatch pointer for the object.

To do this, implement the GetRunTimeObject method in the IRunTimeObjectSupplier interface. Additionally, you must include an Object property in the definitions of the relevant test object classes in the testing environment XML.

If you implement support for accessing native properties and operations (also referred to as run-time object properties and methods):

For more information on accessing native properties and operations in UFT, see the Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing User Guide.

For more information on developing support for this feature, see: