Testing Your Support for Output Value Steps

After implementing the methods required for UFT One to retrieve test object identification property run-time values, you can test how your Testing Agent supports output value steps.

To test your support for output value steps:

  1. Make sure that the application is open to the correct context so that the object from which you want to output a value is visible.

  2. Do the following, as described in Testing Your Support for Running Tests:

    1. Ensure that the Testing Agent and UFT One are closed and upgrade the Testing Agent.

    2. Open UFT One and run the Testing Agent.

    3. Create a UFT One GUI test with objects from your environment.

  3. Right-click the step where you want to add the output value step and select Insert Output Value. The Output Value Properties dialog box opens.

    Verify that the identification properties for which you specified a ForVerification attribute in the testing environment XML are displayed in the dialog box.

  4. Define the output value details and click OK to add the output value step. For more information on output value options, see the Micro Focus UFT One User Guide.

  5. Run the test you created and verify that the Run-Time Data Table in the test run results contains the correct values.

To test your support for table output value steps perform the test above, adding an output value to a step with a table object and verify that the table content and properties are displayed properly in the Output Value Properties dialog box and in the run results Run-Time Data Table.