Testing Your Support for Retrieving Property Values

After implementing the methods required for UFT One to retrieve test object identification property run-time values, you can test this functionality of your Testing Agent by using the GetROProperty method in a UFT One GUI test.

To test your support for retrieving property values:

  1. Do the following, as described in Testing Your Support for Running Tests:

    1. Ensure that the Testing Agent and UFT One are closed and upgrade the Testing Agent.

    2. Open UFT One and run the Testing Agent.

    3. Create a UFT One test with objects from your environment.

  2. Add steps to the test to call GetROProperty on an object from your environment and to display the retrieved identification property value in a message box.

    For more information on the GetROProperty method, see the UFT One User Guide and the UFT One Object Model Reference for GUI Testing.

  3. Run the test you created and ensure that the correct identification property value is displayed in the message box.