Preparing for This Lesson

Before you extend UFT One support for a custom control, you must have access to its source file. You do not need to modify any of the custom control's sources to support it in UFT One, but you do need to be familiar with them. For example, make sure you know what elements and attributes comprise the control, and what events may occur on this control. You use this information when you design the support class.

The source file for the Book control is located in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Documents\ExtAccTool\Samples\WebExtSample\Application\Book.htm.

Open the file to run the control.

Run the control, open the source file for it and study the control's behavior and implementation.

The Book control contains information including the title of the book, its authors, the price for a new copy of the book, and the lowest price for which a used copy can be purchased.

Clicking on the title or the image of the book opens a page that can display more details about the book (but is not implemented in this sample). Clicking on an author name opens a page that can provide a list of books by the same author (but is not implemented in this sample). Clicking on Used opens a UsedBooks page, listing all of the available used copies of the book, and their prices. The UsedBooks table is a more complex control that you will learn to support in the lesson, Learning to Create UFT One Support for a Complex Custom Web Control.