Learning to Create UFT One Support for a Complex Custom Web Control

In this lesson you create support for the UsedBooks control in the Web Add-in Extensibility Book Sample toolkit, which is installed with Extensibility Accelerator for Functional Testing. The test object class that represents the UsedBooks control extends the existing WebTable test object class. Creating support for the UsedBooks control teaches you how to use some of the more advanced options of Web Add-in Extensibility.

In the lesson Learning to Create UFT One Support for a Simple Custom Web Control, you learned to create support for a simple custom control. You are now familiar with the basics of Web Add-in Extensibility, therefore this lesson explains only the more advanced information.

The %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Documents\ExtAccTool\Samples\WebExtSample folder contains a complete toolkit support set for this sample to which you can refer while you perform this lesson. The JavaScript code is not identical to the code you will create, because the sample support set is designed to work on Firefox as well as Internet Explorer, and uses the jQuery JavaScript library.

This lesson includes: