About Deploying the Custom Toolkit Support

From the UFT One user's perspective, after you deploy the toolkit support set on a computer on which UFT One is installed, the toolkit support set can be used as a UFT One add-in.

When UFT One opens, it displays the toolkit support set's environment name in the Add-in Manager, as a child node under the WPF Add-in node. Select the check box for your environment to instruct UFT One to load support for the environment using the toolkit support set that you developed.

Silverlight extensibility:

  • UFT One 2022 and later: Following the discontinuance of the Silverlight development framework, UFT One no longer supports the Silverlight Add-in out of the box.

    If you need to use and extend the Silverlight Add-in, contact Micro Focus Support.

  • Toolkit support sets that you develop using Silverlight Add-in Extensibility are dependent on the Silverlight Add-in. Therefore, if you select the environment of such a toolkit support set, select the Silverlight Add-in as well.

If support for your environment is loaded:

  • UFT One recognizes the controls in your environment and can run tests on them.

  • UFT One displays the name of your environment in all of the dialog boxes that display lists of add-ins or supported environments.

  • UFT One displays the list of test object classes defined by your toolkit support set in dialog boxes that display the list of test object classes available for each add-in. (For example: Define New Test Object dialog box, Object Identification dialog box.)