Deploying the Toolkit Support Set

The final stage of extending UFT One support for a custom toolkit is deploying the toolkit support set. This means placing all of the files you created in the correct locations on a computer with UFT One installed, enabling UFT One to recognize the controls in the toolkit and run tests on them.

While you are developing the toolkit support set, deploying it to UFT One enables you to test and debug the support that you create. After the toolkit support set is complete, you can deploy it on any computer with UFT One installed, to extend the WPF or Silverlight Add-in.

UFT One 2022 and later: Following the discontinuance of the Silverlight development framework, UFT One no longer supports the Silverlight Add-in out of the box.

If you need to use and extend the Silverlight Add-in, contact Micro Focus Support.

This section includes: