WPF Add-in Extensibility Sample

Supported on versions 2021 R1 and earlier

When you install the WPF Add-in Extensibility SDK, a custom WPF calendar control and a sample toolkit support set that extends support for this control are installed in the <WPF_Add-in_Extensibility_SDK_installdir>\samples\WPFExtCalendarSample folder. You can study this sample to learn more about how to implement WPF and Silverlight Add-in Extensibility. You can also experiment with this sample, testing the control with UFT One before and after deploying the sample toolkit support set.

To deploy the sample toolkit support set, place the provided XML and DLL files in the correct locations on the UFT One computer, as described in Developing UFT One Support for a Custom WPF or Silverlight Toolkit.

The files to deploy are:

  • <WPF_Add-in_Extensibility_SDK_installdir>\samples\WPFExtCalendarSample\Support\QtCalendarSupport\MyWpfToolkit.cfg

  • <WPF_Add-in_Extensibility_SDK_installdir>\samples\WPFExtCalendarSample\Support\QtCalendarSupport\MyWpfToolkitTestObjects.xml

  • <WPF_Add-in_Extensibility_SDK_installdir>\samples\WPFExtCalendarSample\Support\QtCalendarSupport\bin\Release\QtCalendarSupport.dll