Deploy and Test Your Support for Recording

You have now completed the design of the support for the WPF Calendar control.

In this section, you deploy the custom server again and test the support that you designed for recording operations on the Calendar control.

  1. Build your solution and then deploy the custom server by copying the CalendarSrv.dll file to the <UFT installation folder>\dat\Extensibility\WPF\MyWpfToolkit folder.

  2. Run the sample control by opening the <WPF and Silverlight Add-in Extensibility SDK installation folder>\samples\WPFExtCalendarSample\Application\WpfCalendar.exe file.

  3. To test that the support you developed for recording is working correctly, start a recording session, select a day in the calendar, click the right arrow at the top of the calendar, and click the left arrow at the top of the calendar. SetDate, Next, and Prev steps should be recorded.