GetTableRowRange Method

Gets the indexes of the first and last visible rows, and the table row count.


  • If the index of the first visible row cannot be determined, set pFirstVisible to -1.
    If the index of the last visible row cannot be determined, set both pLastVisible and pFirstVisible to -1.
    Row indexes are 0-based.
  • UFT calls this method to retrieve the number and range of rows in the table that will be included in the checkpoint or output value.
  • When working with a table checkpoint or output value, UFT calls this method before the GetTableData method. The GetTableRowRange method initializes the values of the first and last rows in the data range of the table, which the GetTableData method uses as input.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Overridable Sub GetTableRowRange( _
   ByRef pFirstVisible As Long, _
   ByRef pLastVisible As Long, _
   ByRef pTotal As Long _
virtual void GetTableRowRange( 
   out long pFirstVisible,
   out long pLastVisible,
   out long pTotal


Index of first visible row.
Index of last visible row.

Total count of rows in the table.

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