RunInterfaceAttribute Class

This attribute, applied to an interface, indicates that it is the Run Interface of the custom server class.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Class RunInterfaceAttribute 
   Inherits Attribute
public class RunInterfaceAttribute : Attribute  


  • In the interface that you tag with this attribute, implement methods that perform test object operations on the control.
  • Each method you design must have the same signature as the test object operation that it implements (as defined in the test object configuration file).
  • Implement methods for any new test object operations you defined for your test object class, or if you want to override the operation implementation inherited from the base class.
  • A custom server class cannot implement more than on interface tagged with RunInterfaceAttribute.

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Public ConstructorRunInterfaceAttribute ConstructorDefault constructor.  

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Public PropertyTypeId (Inherited fromSystem.Attribute)

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