Windows® Script Components provide a lightweight, easily maintainable way to create components for implementing DHTML Behaviors available in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0. Using a script component allows script developers to implement behaviors using Microsoft® Visual Basic® Scripting Edition (VBScript), Microsoft® JScript® (ECMAScript), or any third party scripting language that supports the Microsoft® ActiveX® Scripting interfaces.

Benefits of Creating Behavior Script Components

For general information about DHTML Behaviors, see

By creating Behavior script components, you can:

  • Expose behaviors by binding functions in the script component to events raised in the containing document, either for specific elements or for the DHTML document or DHTML window objects.

  • Define layouts, which contain HTML text that is inserted into the containing document when the behavior is called.

  • Expose custom properties and methods that extend the set of members for an element in the containing page.

  • Expose custom events which the script component can fire at any time. For example, a script component can fire a custom event after changing the contents of a DHTML element on the page.

  • Bind a script component function to certain standard events such as when the document is loaded or when the content of the element changes.

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