Connect to the mobile device lab

Before creating and running mobile tests, configure the UFT Developer engine settings to connect to UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile).


  • UFT Mobile was rebranded to UFT Digital Lab in version 2023. This UFT Developer Help Center uses both names, "UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile)", for the sake of UFT Developer users using versions 2022 and earlier.

  • In some cases, to enable test design functionality and proper test execution, a few libraries need to be added to the app. After you upload an app, UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) attempts to package the app automatically with the libraries needed for testing. For details on when you need to package an app, see App packaging and signing services.

To configure the UFT Developer engine settings

  1. Make sure that the UFT Developer engine is running. For details, see Start/Stop the runtime engine.

  2. On the taskbar, click the UFT Developer Grid Runtime Engine button, and then click Settings.
  3. In the UFT Developer Settings dialog box, in the Engine tab, under Add-ins, select Mobile.

    For testing hybrid and mobile-web apps, select Web, as well.

  4. Click the Labs tab.

    Enter the required information as described in UFT Digital Lab Settings / UFT Mobile Settings.

  5. Click Save.
  6. If UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) is set up for secure communication using SSL, and you want UFT Developer to use this protocol, you must set up an SSL certificate. For details, see Configure SSL to work with UFT Digital Lab (UFT Mobile).

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