Configure SSL to work with Digital Lab (UFT Mobile)

If Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) is configured to work in secured mode, you must set up UFT Developer to work in secured mode as well.

The following procedure must be done every time you install or upgrade UFT Developer.


Before you begin, make sure that you have a certificates folder under the UFT Developer installation folder. If one does not exist, create it.

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Obtain the certificate

There can be more than one certificate file. You can either obtain the certificate files from your Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) administrator or using the following procedure.

Note: UFT Developer works only with base64-encoded certificate file that have .pem extension.

To obtain the certificate from the Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) server

  1. On the UFT Developer machine, open a browser and browse to the Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) server using the following syntax:


    For example:

    The browser displays a message about security issues with the website's security certificate.

    Click Continue to this website.

  2. On the message window, select Certificate error > View certificates > Install Certificate.
  3. Install the certificate using the wizard.

    1. Select Place all certificates in the following store, and then click Browse.
    2. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities, and complete the wizard.

      If a security warning appears, click Yes to confirm the installation.

  4. Open the Certificate View, and then click the Details tab. For each certificate level, select the certificate and save it locally.
  5. In the browser, refresh the Digital Lab (UFT Mobile) server site and verify that there are no SSL certificate-related errors. In most cases, SSL-related errors are generated by the operating system.

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Install the certificate on the UFT Developer machine

Copy the .pem file or files that you obtained earlier to the certificates folder under the UFT Developer installation folder.

Optional: If you have obtained multiple files (for multiple certificate levels), you can merge them into one file.

Run a test to verify the connection. UFT Developer should now successfully connect to the server.

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