Modify the port used by UFT Developer

By default, UFT Developer uses port 5095.

If another application on your computer needs to listen on that port, you can modify the port that UFT Developer uses. Select the relevant operating system below for instructions on modifying this port definition.

If the other application is not currently occupying the port, you can use the UFT Developer settings dialog box instead of performing the first step in the instructions below. With the UFT Developer runtime engine running, right-click the runtime engine icon in the task bar, select Settings, and on the Engine tab, modify the Port definition. When you save your changes, the runtime engine automatically closes and restarts with your new settings loaded.

Note: On Linux machines, if the icon is not available in the task bar, open the dialog box by running the following command to : /opt/uftdeveloper/Tools/settings-leanft

Modify the port in engine settings and test settings:

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