Customize test settings

Every UFT Developer project includes a test settings file (App.config or, which includes the UFT Developer runtime server settings and UFT Developer report options. The settings options have default values, which you can customize according to your needs.

This topic is relevant for .NET and Java projects. For JavaScript projects, see JavaScript: Configure the runtime engine and HTML report.

Change test settings

The test settings file that you need to change depends on the project template that you are using:

  • NUnit/MSTest: App.config
  • JUnit/TestNG:

To change the test settings

  1. In your IDE, in your test project, open the test settings file, App.config or resources/

  2. Remove the comment from the required setting and change the value. The initial values are the default values. For details, see Test setting options.
  3. Save your changes and Deploy the settings in the project's settings file.

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Deploy the settings in the project's settings file

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Test setting options

This section lists the default settings in the test settings file (App.config or in your project.

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Externally maintained test setting files

If you want to use the same settings for all or many of your testing projects, it can be useful to maintain a single test settings file and supply that external configuration to all relevant testing projects.

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