Class FunctionKeys

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.hp.lft.sdk.internal.VirtualKeys
      • com.hp.lft.sdk.FunctionKeys
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    public class FunctionKeys
    extends com.hp.lft.sdk.internal.VirtualKeys
    Supplies constants representing the Function keyboard keys(F1 - F12), which can be used in the input parameter string of the sendKeys method.
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and TypeField and Description
      static java.lang.StringF1
      The F1 key.
      static java.lang.StringF10
      The F10 key.
      static java.lang.StringF11
      The F11 key.
      static java.lang.StringF12
      The F12 key.
      static java.lang.StringF2
      The F2 key.
      static java.lang.StringF3
      The F3 key.
      static java.lang.StringF4
      The F4 key.
      static java.lang.StringF5
      The F5 key.
      static java.lang.StringF6
      The F6 key.
      static java.lang.StringF7
      The F7 key.
      static java.lang.StringF8
      The F8 key.
      static java.lang.StringF9
      The F9 key.
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