Class Keys

  • public class Keys
    extends FunctionKeys
    Supplies constants representing keyboard keys, which can be used in the input parameter string of the sendKeys method.
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and TypeField and Description
      static java.lang.StringAPPKEY
      The Application key.
      static java.lang.StringBACKSPACE
      The Backspace key.
      static java.lang.StringCAPS_LOCK_OFF
      Turns off the CapsLock key.
      static java.lang.StringCAPS_LOCK_ON
      Turns on the CapsLock key.
      static java.lang.StringDELETE
      The Delete key.
      static java.lang.StringDOWN
      The Down (arrow) key.
      static java.lang.StringEND
      The End key.
      static java.lang.StringESC
      The Escape key.
      static java.lang.StringHOME
      The Home key.
      static java.lang.StringINSERT
      The Insert key.
      static java.lang.StringLEFT
      The Left (arrow) key.
      static java.lang.StringNUM_LOCK_OFF
      Turns off the NumLock key.
      static java.lang.StringNUM_LOCK_ON
      Turns on the NumLock key.
      static java.lang.StringPAGE_DOWN
      The PageDown key.
      static java.lang.StringPAGE_UP
      The PageUp key.
      static java.lang.StringPAUSE
      The Pause/Break key.
      static java.lang.StringPRINTSCR
      The PrintScreen key.
      static java.lang.StringRETURN
      The Return/Enter key.
      static java.lang.StringRIGHT
      The Right (arrow) key.
      static java.lang.StringSCROLL_LOCK_OFF
      Turns off the ScrollLock key.
      static java.lang.StringSCROLL_LOCK_ON
      Turns on the ScrollLock key.
      static java.lang.StringTAB
      The Tab key.
      static java.lang.StringUP
      The Up (arrow) key.
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