POST: Create a user

The POST operation can be used to create both internal, native ValueEdge users or SSO users, and LDAP users.

Contexts in which you can add users

To create a user, perform a POST in one of the following contexts: 

Context Notes
Shared space

Space admin permissions are required.

You can create a shared space user without assigning a role. In this case, the user is created with the predefined viewer role. For an example on assigning roles later using the REST API, see PUT: Update a user's role.

If you do not specify a work space when POSTing the user, the default_workspace is used.


Workspace admin permissions are required.

Note: Most roles can be customized. Roles and their permissions might be different for your organization.

You must assign a role when creating a workspace user.

You cannot add users in the site context using the REST API.

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Creating internal, native or SSO users

Use the following fields when creating a new user:

Field Required Must be unique

(used for login)


If another user exists with the same email address, an error is returned.

Bulk POSTs are supported.

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