Working with timelines

You use the timeline API to query the phases of an entity’s timeline.


A timeline helps you track and analyze a release's progress and its quality.

The timeline API call lets you query an entity to learn more about its progress. A common use of this API is to measure the cycle time and waste statistics. The timeline API is also supported for OData.

The syntax for using this API is:

  1. Call the timeline API.


  2. Specify the entity whose timeline you want to query.


  3. Add a filter to show results for a specific case.

    &$filter=(<field>/<type> eq 'expression1' and 'expression2')

The request will return all records in the timeline per phase, and the waste time within the phase, if waste time was included in the request.

Note: The timeline API does not support the greater or less than operators. Instead use a filter within ValueEdge after you retrieve all instances.

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The following example extracts the cycle time of all instances of the intesting phase for feature 2003.

$filter=(phase/logical_name eq 'phase.feature.intesting'and owner_work_item/id eq '2003')

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