Create release milestones for events within a release's lifecycle, or cross milestones for events that are not connected to any particular release.

Define milestones

You can define milestones in the Release Management module and in the Settings area.

When in the Release Management module, select whether to create a cross milestone or a release-specific milestone.

In the Settings area, you can add milestones to a release within a workspace.

Note: In workspaces that are members of a shared space, space admins can create shared milestones. Shared milestones are available across all the workspaces in a shared space. For details on shared spaces, see Space settings.

To define a milestone:

Area Steps
Release Management module

In the Release Management module, do the following:

  1. Go to the Milestones tab.
  2. Click + Milestone to define a milestone in the current workspace.

    Click + Shared Milestone to define a milestone that will be shared across all the workspaces in a shared space.

  3. Select the Release Specific checkbox to indicate that the milestone will be part of a release's timeline. Select a release.

    Leave the Release Specific checkbox empty to create a cross milestone.

  4. Set the milestone's date.
  5. Enter a description and add attachments to the milestone.

You can also define milestones from within a release's details. Milestones are defined in the Timeline tab, along with sprints.


In the Settings area, do the following:

  1. Select a workspace.
  2. Click the Releases tab.
  3. Click on a release to edit it.
  4. In the release details, click the Timeline tab.
  5. Click + Milestone. By default, a milestone that you create in a release is associated with the release. To define a cross milestone, clear the Release Specific checkbox.

Tip: You can create user-defined fields of the type Milestone. This allows you to define multiple milestone fields for a single item (for example, a security milestone and a go-to-market milestone), and include milestone-related information for entities that do not support a system milestone field.

For details, see Custom fields.

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Deactivate milestones

You can deactivate milestones that you want to take of out use. Work items cannot be assigned to deactivated milestones.

In the milestone form or in the Milestones grid, set the Active status field to Deactivated.

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