You can view the changes made to an item.

History tab

The History tab displays a chronological list of the change sets made to the item. A change set includes all the field updates made to the item in the same edit session. Changes made after saving the form are included in a new change set.

Each change set is identified by a timestamp. The change set provides details of the user and a description of the edited fields and their values before and after the changes.

You can filter the history list by user or by field.

Tip: From the grid view, you can right click an item's field value and select Show <field> in History. The item's History tab will open, focused on changes to the selected field.

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History entity changes

The following applies to changes to history:

  • If a change was made by an API method, the change is attributed to the authenticated user.

  • If a change was made by a rule, the label (Changed by Rule) is displayed next to the change.

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Workspace audit

Workspace admins have a global view in which they can audit changes to all the workspace items. For details, see Advanced admin tasks.

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